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Google+ Community for Grazer BSD Stammtisch

The Grazer BSD Stammtisch just got his Google+ Community because we all liked the Android calendar integration and were increasingly frustrated with Facebook.

Thanks a lot to Armin for importing all the events.

Google+ Community: Grazer BSD Stammtisch

Trip Report: BSDDay 2011 in Bratislava

This year’s BSDDay was in Bratislava (Slovakia) which is only a 2.5 hours drive from Graz so we were quite happy that we could attend. It was a bit bigger this year and there were a lot of interesting talks worth watching and as usual it’s always very interesting to talk to other developers face to face. If you missed the BSDDay you can have a look at the slides and videos at

Plans were to meet on Friday afternoon in an Italian restaurant with all the other speakers and invited guests but it turned out to be a bit difficult without GPS signal for whatever reason. However it was in walking distance and after half an hour we found it nevertheless. So we ended up drinking czech beer and waiting for pizza with all the usual suspects.

Saturday started way too early at 8am driving to the university still without GPS signal and we somehow managed to take the wrong bus stop so we had to walk around a bit. Walking in the cold without proper navigation helps fully waking up! It wasn’t even surprising anymore that right in front of the University the GPS signal started working again. Great thing!

I used the time between the talks to annoy itetcu with some advertising for redports and updated our development ports for virtualbox to 4.1.6. Later that day Michael Ranner told me that PC-BSD 9 in VirtualBox isn’t fully able to provide all guest features even if the guest additions PBI is installed. A quick test turned out that he is right and the reason for this was found quickly. It’s because the PBI is not correctly enabling the guest services. This problem has been reported to Kris Moore and he already fixed it in the PBI.

After all the talks were heard we had a dinner together with all invited guests and made some plans for the BSDDay next year which will be held in Vienna (Austria). So the Vienna BSD Stammtisch and Grazer BSD Stammtisch will help organize this event next year and I hope you will attend!

Pictures from the BSDDay 2010

Thanks to Michael Ranner and Armin Pirkovitsch for taking pictures during the event.

Grazer BSD Stammtisch going public

We only had a Facebook Group until now and we keep that but don’t want to force people using facebook to join us or stay informed. So here we are now with our own blog and domain.